Materials, Technologies, and Printers: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Organization and Use Case

How to make the right choice for your organization and use case.

In this helpful research guide, you'll find technology and material comparisons, plus hard-to-find answers about 3D printer pricing and total cost to own.

We'll answer your top questions in four easy-to-follow sections:

  • Technologies
    Learn how each technology works, where it excels, its potential drawbacks and what materials it can process.
  • Materials
    Compare materials like tensile strength, impact strength and heat resistance, and get links to detailed specifications.
  • Operations
    Learn what skills, equipment and facilities you need to support each technology in-house, and alternatives to purchasing.
  • Budget
    See 3D printer price ranges for each technology, and learn what other factors to consider when calculating total cost of ownership.

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