3D Printing Helps Thermos Lead it's Industry

Founded in 1904, Thermos Company is an icon in insulated food and beverage containers. Along with its venerable coffee vessels, Thermos manufactures children’s lunch boxes and other consumer products. The household name continues to innovate, building on its impressive list of firsts that includes vacuum-insulated food jars and personal bottles, and ultra-portable titanium bottles.

“We always think of product development as making something that will change people’s lifestyle,” says Shin Matsuyama, manager of R&D at Thermos K.K. Traditionally, cold and hot beverages were cumbersome, served only in large batches such as iced jugs or heated urns. Now we take personal beverage containers for granted. Matsuyama refers to this cultural change as “revolutionary portability,” and it’s his goal to keep pushing it forward by delivering better products. Last year, customers showed their approval by purchasing three million Thermos mugs.

Final Thermos product (left), and a 3D printed model

Final product (left), and a 3D printed model.

“We can make as many prototypes as we need until we achieve our design goals.”

Shin Matsuyama, Thermos K.K.