Pain Meets its Match

Creating innovative medical devices that solve unmet clinical challenges is always a formidable task. Add extreme time constraints plus the need to invent an entirely new drug delivery approach and you’ll match the pressure the young entrepreneurs at med-tech startup Syqe Medical faced.

Their first project was the creation of a drug delivery system that would enable patients suffering from extreme neuropathic pain to use, for the first time, precisely controlled doses of cannabis for relief, while avoiding unnecessary physical reactions. “This pain is very resistant to many available treatments. Cannabis works to reduce this type of pain,” said Professor Elon Eisenberg M.D., Director of Pain Research, RAMBAM Medical Center, Haifa, Israel. “The problem is that up till now there was no quantifiable and predictable way to prescribe medical cannabis.”


Itay Kurgan, Syqe Medical head of design, holds the inhaler design used in the clinical trial.

“Our motto at Syqe is ‘Don’t think, print.’ 3D printing throughout the product design phase accelerates your thinking process and gets you to the end result faster.”

Perry Davidson, Syqe Medical