Making Confident Design Decisions 

To create our favorite products, a team of designers, engineers and marketers go through countless design iterations, striving to build something consumers will covet, identify with and use daily. From the light switch to the mobile phone, every desirable product results from inspiration, hard work and collaboration.

The team at Synergy, a product development company in Netanya, Israel, lives and breathes this cycle of innovation. Clients rely on Synergy to transform bright ideas into viably manufacturable, marketable products. Industrial designers and engineers often work around the clock to perfect the grip on a medical device or the appearance of a phone charger.


Model of keypad panel in Photoshop, with texture applied.

“Now our customers can make instant decisions about the ergonomics of a product − about the touch and feel − as well as test how it fits into its environment.”

Tamar Fleisher, Synergy