Researchers Explore Groundbreaking Design at a Microscopic Scale with GrabCad Voxel Print

The unique mission of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), a contemporary university that launched in 2012, is to nurture technically grounded leaders through hands-on learning and technology-based design.

Researchers at SUTD’s Digital Manufacturing and Design Center (DManD) are specifically focused on the intersection of digital design and advanced manufacturing, developing new ideas and methods that combine computational and engineering sciences, industrial engineering, technology-intensive design, architecture and art.


The final 3D printed table is a functional and aesthetically pleasing composition that can withstand structural loads and requires no mechanical fasteners.

“GrabCAD Voxel Print has the potential to transform traditional product development. We are creating new design syntheses and automation paradigms to answer different questions and exploit this game-changing technology.”

Associate Provost for Research Martin Dunn, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Digital Manufacturing and Design Center