Stratasys FDM Printing Enables Extended Customer Service Offering and Streamlined Supply Chain with SIEMENS

Faced with the challenge of meeting increased customer demand for one-off customized parts, SIEMENS’ Mobility division required an alternative manufacturing solution to overcome the time and cost barriers associated with traditional low volume production. This was particularly exemplified during a recent project for German transport services provider, the SWU Verkehr GmbH. With the integration of a Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D Printer into its production process, SIEMENS was able to address these challenges by 3D printing on-demand, customized parts rapidly and cost-effectively, reducing inventory costs for SIEMENS and customers. As a result, the Mobility division is now able to respond more quickly to low volume customer demands, while boosting its manufacturing flexibility – leading to an increase in client satisfaction.

3D printed armrest with three extra buttons for the control system.

3D printed armrest with three extra buttons for the control system.

“Customizing low volume production parts using FDM 3D printing has been transformational for our customer service offering, as well as our supply chain. Not only are we taking orders on-demand, 3D printing has also given us the flexibility to meet customer requirements faster with no obsolete parts created in the process.”

Michael Kuczmik, SIEMENS Head of Additive Manufacturing, Spare Parts