Digital Dentistry Enhances Service Quality with 3D Printing

The Sense & Beauty Dental Clinic (SBDC) in Taiwan is a one-stop dental center offering a range of comprehensive dental services to over 10,000 patients annually. Since its start in 2005, SBDC has emphasized the use of advanced technologies in diagnoses, dental treatments and training for practitioners.

In addition to incorporating the most advanced equipment, including sterilization units, 3D x-ray scanners, dental washer disinfector and purification system, Dr. Ming-Che Wu, SBDC’s managing director, added a 3D printer to the center after learning about the technology at a seminar.

3D printed dental models used to test fitting of fixtures

3D printed dental models used to test fitting of fixtures.

“3D printing allows us to reproduce real-life conditions and create customized tools, helping us make the optimal decision for every patient and perform surgeries smoothly. Patients are better consulted on the treatment procedures and outcome, resulting in higher confidence and satisfaction.”

Dr. Ming-Che Wu, Sense & Beauty Dental Clinic