Purposeful Innovation Through 3D Printing Drives Protec Dental Laboratories' Success

Successful companies are the ones whose leaders ask “Is there a better way?” Pursuit of the answers is usually the key to success and growth. That approach to business has been the underlying theme for Protec Dental Laboratories, one of Canada’s largest dental labs. Protec, located in Vancouver, is a full-service lab providing orthodontic, restorative, and fixed and removable prosthetics and implants. Since its start, Protec has made innovation and a healthy curiosity for new technology the bedrock of its own success and growth, with 3D printing at the heart of it all.

A view of the lab at Protec Dental.

A view of the lab at Protec Dental.

“3D printing definitely offered us a huge advantage over other labs when it comes to being able to print models from intra-oral scanners. It definitely brought us new customers.”

Manuel Stanescu, Protec Dental Laboratories