Speeding Up Clinical Trial Evaluations

Nidek Technologies (Nidek), located in Padova, Italy, specializes in the development and prototyping of high-technology ophthalmological diagnostic systems. With all of its products having direct contact with patients, it’s crucial that Nidek produces fully-functional prototypes that precisely replicate the final product. 

This enables a comprehensive evaluation of the fit, form and function of new devices before investing in expensive clinical trials and moving to final production. As this process often proved costly in terms of lead-time and capital, Nidek Technologies turned to Stratasys 3D printing in a bid to optimize its prototyping process and, as a result, accelerate its clinical validation.


The assembled Gonioscope prototype, built with 3D printed parts.

“The ability to quickly 3D print high quality parts that require no post-processing has proven instrumental in cutting our iterations and directly reducing our product development cycle. In fact, since introducing Stratasys 3D printing, we have slashed our prototyping costs by 75% and accelerated our development time by 50%.”

Cesare Tanassi, Nidek Technologies