Cross-Curricula Work Establishes a New Standard of Patient Care Using 3D Printing

Thanks to cross-discipline collaboration, the LaGuardia Studio at New York University (NYU) is leading in innovative design. The LaGuardia Studio, a centralized high-end 3D printing studio, services the entire university community including students, professors, staff, researchers and alumni.

Nicole Wake 3D prints full-color models of kidney and prostate tumors based on patient-specific anatomy and pathology.

“You can be the best surgeon in the world, but still having a 3D model is very useful. It provides guidance and allows for a more successful comprehensive surgery. The surgeons I work with tell me that planning with a 3D model saves time in the operating room, which ultimately improves patient outcomes.”

Nicole Wake, Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, New York University School of Medicine