3D Printing Helps Shape America's First Sport-Touring Bike

Motus Motorcycles began in 2008 by Brian Case and Lee Conn, two motorcycle enthusiasts who set out to build the perfect bike: a modern sportbike that could take a rider far and fast. This type of sport-touring bike had never been built by an American company before, and their ideal engine didn’t exist yet either. So they decided to build that too.

The company designed and tested their first two prototypes in 2012, and many significant design changes were needed. All 22 castings in the engine needed to change, as well as the chassis, electrical, exhaust and other systems. Electronic fuel injection, new porting, splayed exhaust valves and other refinements were also needed for improved long-term durability, cooling and oiling.

3D printed engine model assembled on a bike.

Motus MST motorcycle is now in production.

“Creating a new motorcycle from scratch is a massive, multifaceted undertaking. 3D printing played a crucial role by giving us the ability to formulate new ideas and test them the next day.”

Brian Case, Motus Motorcycles