Denture Manufacturer Improves Customer Satisfaction

The China market for dental prostheses has grown rapidly in recent years, reaching ¥4.35 billion in 2012. In order to remain competitive, KTJ Dental Technology Group is keen to employ technologies that shorten the production cycle, and produce custom dental models with greater accuracy and lower costs.

A well-known high-end dental laboratory and a pioneer in digital dentistry in China, KTJ specializes in the fabrication of various dental prostheses, including those for aesthetic dentistry. KTJ’s goal of reducing its production cycle is vital: For the dental industry in China, technologies that reduce lead times are critical for maintaining competitiveness and satisfying customers. Patients and dentists are more than willing to pay for services that reduce waiting times by even just a day.

The ability to make quick adjustments to models signi cantly lowered KTJ’s operational costs.

The ability to make quick adjustments to models significantly lowered KTJ’s operational costs.

“The Objet Eden260V 3D Printer helps us optimize the dental modeling process by producing high-quality models, rapidly and precisely. 3D printing is critical for digital dentistry.”

Kevin Shi, Manager of Digital CAD/CAM Center, KTJ Dental Technology Group