Housing Developments Start Small  

As of 2015, CityCenterDC was the largest urban development on the East Coast of the United States. Its impact on the nation’s capital has been compared to the impact of Rockefeller Center on New York City. The building was developed by Gould Property Co. and designed by Pickard Chilton.

During construction, architectural models helped the developer’s sales team convey the buildings’ appearance and layout to prospective tenants, before the actual buildings were completed. The largest building in the complex, when it is finished, will be 900 New York Avenue, a 620,000-square-foot 12-story office tower featuring a garden-style atrium, street-level retail and private terraces. Gould hired one of the leading builders of architectural models, KMCA, to build large-scale models of both buildings in the CityCenterDC development.

Top view of smaller scale model of 900 New York Avenue

Top view of smaller scale model of 900 New York Avenue.

“The developer was happy about the money they saved and even happier about being able to get their sales people on the road with a scale model one month earlier.”

Ken Champlin, President and Founder, KMCA