Unlimited Potential with Additive Manufacturing

In its early years, 3D printing was led by rapid prototyping, with its capacity for fast, cost-effective parts. Today, 3D printing has evolved to the point where customization of end-use parts can lead production, and part quantities can be scaled to need, making zero inventory a reality. FATHOM, an Oakland, California-based advanced manufacturing facility has been on board with 3D printing since it opened its doors in 2008, and sees unlimited potential for additive technology to disrupt the manufacturing supply chain.


FATHOM, an advanced manufacturing facility, has utilized 3D printing since its inception.

“This new demonstrator is enabling us to look to the future where our production center could look like a 3D printing server farm, where there’s just rows and rows of Stratasys Continuous Build 3D Demonstrators. That’s where our minds are going because the FDM Technology is that good from a design and cost standpoint.”

Rich Stump, FATHOM