3D Printer Decrease Aerialtronics' Design and Development Costs While Catering to Customization

Unmanned aircraft systems for civilian commercial applications are one of the most exciting disruptive technologies today. With more than 200 of its aircrafts already in use, Netherlands-based Aerialtronics is poised to offer systems for applications ranging from infrastructure inspection and mapping to livestock monitoring and creative filming for advertising and marketing.

As a small company with only 35 employees, a major challenge for Aerialtronics is to develop systems that could meet the requirements of a variety of industries without spreading its resources too thin between dozens of discrete designs.


Aerialtronics developed this Altura Zenith drone to be customizable yet cost-efficient with an FDM 3D Printer.

“3D printing technology helped us advance the design and development of the Altura Zenith drone far more quickly and at a much lower cost than would have been achievable with conventional methods.”

Joost Hezemans, Aerialtronics