Best Practices

Design Best Practices

3D Scanning to 3D Printing

Fortus 900mc Acceleration Kit

Building Complete Process Assemblies


Converting 2D Images to 3D STLs

Converting CAD to STL

FDM Production Parts

Flexible Multi-Material Parts

Nylon 12

Overcoming Part Curling

Successful STLs for PolyJet 3D Printing

Insight Software

Advanced Z Calibration

Applying Custom Toolpaths for Thin Walls and Bosses

Building After a Failure

Creating Variable Density Parts

Curl Management

Custom Groups

Embedding Hardware

Optimizing Seam Location

Orientation for Smooth Parts

Orienting for Strength, Speed or Surface Finish

Positioning Parts in Relation to Air Flow

Sealing With Insight

Sectioning Oversized Parts

Selection Tools

Sparse Fill

Step-By-Step Insight Processing Procedure


Creating Texturing Patterns on FDM Parts

Painting of FDM Parts

FDM Support Removal

Bonding FDM Parts

Drying Sparse Parts

FDM Part Translucency

Handling and Finishing ABS-ESD7 Parts

Inserting Hardware Post-Build

Mass Finishing FDM Parts

Media Blasting FDM Parts

Solvent Smoothing

Vibratory Finishing of Rigid PolyJet Parts

Finite Element Analysis Results in Color 3D Printing

Operation & Maintenance

Switching FDM Material Color

Remote Monitoring System

Fortus System Calibration

SR10/SR20 Soluble Support Material Change for Fortus Systems

Tip Selection


3D Printing With Digital ABS

3D Printing With Rigur

Dynamic Friction Coefficient

Finite Element Analysis Results in Color 3D Printing

Multi-Material 3D Printing for Impact Resistance

Stratasys J750 Color Selection

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