It’s Easy

To be green. Simply follow our Recycling + Returns Instructions to return or recycle your used cartridges, canisters, spools, print engines and containers for return or recycle. We make it easy to be responsible!

a sticker with the recycling icon

Look for this symbol on your Stratasys packaging to ensure your items are recyclable.

What can I return?

What can't I return?


Shipping Instructions

1. Fill out your contact and product return information using the form on this page.

2. Place the canisters, cartridges and spools you are returning in a box.

Estimated shipping weight will be calculated for you. This may change at point of shipping, due to variables in residual material in canister, etc. Ignore any discrepancies between actual and estimated weight and proceed with shipment.

  • Maximum shipping weight is 70 lbs (32kg) per box.
  • Maximum box size is 30 x 24 x 24 inches. (760 x 610 x 610 mm).
  • This system will notify you if you exceed the weight limit. If this happens, reduce the number of items shipped and return to this page to create another shipping label for remaining items.

3. Returning three to five units:

  • Bundle a minimum of three and up to five original boxes. Tape them together securely.

Returning six or more units:

  • If returning six or more units, you will need to provide your own box for shipping or create separate bundles. This box still may not exceed 30 x 24 x 24 inches (760 x 600 x 600 mm) and 70 lbs. (32 kg).

4. Click Submit to print return shipping label. (Note: Your shipping label will open a new window. Print these.)

For Canada: Click Submit and a new browser page will open. Here you can print the return shipping label* and the commercial invoice* (note: a total of 3 copies of the commercial invoice are required for Customs purposes).

*Alternate method for printing labels and commercial invoices: The email address entered when submitting the recycling request receives an automatic reply containing a PDF copy of the commercial invoice and link to the FedEx label. You may find it is easier to print the required documents from this email.

5. Place return label on box.

For Canada: Make two additional copies of the commercial invoice. Place return label and international shipping pouch (with three copies) on box.

*Contact us for large, palletized returns of 50 or more cartridges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special packing or shipping requirements?

Use the product’s original box if it is available. However, you can use any sturdy, intact box for shipping. Do not include packing foam or other non-recyclable material.

Are there limits to how much I can recycle and/or return?

We do not limit how much you can recycle and/or return. However, to comply with FedEx shipping requirements, individual parcels may not exceed 600 x 600 x 760 mm (24 x 24 x 30 in.) or 32 kg (70 lbs.). For larger shipments, divide your recyclables and/or returns into multiple parcels.

What is the cost of returning empty cartridges, canisters, spools, and print engines?

Stratasys pays the cost of shipping and return of your empty cartridges, canisters, spools, print engines, and within the U.S. and Canada.

Where will I ship my recyclables and returns?

To ship within the U.S. and Canada, complete the form provided on Recycling and Returns Program to create a FedEx return shipping label, and follow the instructions provided.

Can I recycle a 3D printer?

Yes, Stratasys printers can be recycled through most electronic recycling facilities nationwide. See Illinois state requirements.

Can I Recycle or Return full PolyJet cartridges or waste containers?

Stratasys does not recycle full/partial PolyJet cartridges or waste containers, however, we do want help by providing useful resources. Please visit Safety Kleen or Stericycle to help you manage your PolyJet waste. Learn more about PolyJet Materials.