Shift from Prototype to Production in Record Time

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive in the world. From racecars and passenger vehicles to big rigs and construction equipment, being first to market with new ideas and innovations is vital to success. Prototyping with Stratasys 3D printing solutions gives you the flexibility to prototype, test and produce the tools, jigs and street-ready parts you need to succeed – all with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

a 3D printed brake for rapid prototyping

Functional prototype of an automotive brake pedal and jig assembly 3D printed in FDM Nylon 12CF material

“The Stratasys 3D Printer not only offers quality prototypes with fine details, it also enables our company to enhance customer satisfaction by synchronizing the development cycle of both the vehicle and the OEM accessories we create. Its user-friendliness further allows our designers to be more creative.”

Hiroshi Takemori, Honda Access

Test Your Ideas

Three people reviewing a 3D Printed Part

Concept Validation

Go beyond traditional words and CAD pictures with highly realistic 3D printed prototypes and gain early buy-in from customers and stakeholders before committing to costly production.

Woman examining a 3D Printed Part

Fit Checks

Quickly check your design’s form and fit with mating parts using time-efficient, accurate 3D printed prototypes.

functional testing of a 3D printed part

Functional Tests

Test your designs in the same environment as the production part. Engineering-grade thermoplastics and flexible materials give your prototypes functional capability under operational conditions.

Related Materials and Products

Fortus 380mc and 450mc Series

Based on our strong heritage of FDM technology, the Fortus 380mc/450mc series 3D Printers use engineering-grade materials like PC, ABS and FDM Nylon12CF (carbon-filled).

Fortus 900mc

The Fortus 900mc Production System boasts the largest build tray of any FDM 3D system and prints with the broadest array of FDM thermoplastics.

Stratasys Expert Services

Drawing on our deep 3D printing expertise, they Stratasys Expert Services can show you a variety of customized solutions that will help optimize your designs.

Case Studies and Additional Resources

Man Holding 3D Printed Part

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Tier one auto supplier Alseca used rapid prototyping for testing to produce lighter parts.

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Premium Transmissions turned their 3D printer investment into significant savings in prototyping time and cost.

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Perfect for Customization

The custom car specialists at Kindig-It Design use 3D printing to prototype and develop custom parts.

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