oil filter made from FDM PPSU PPSF

This oil filter housing was 3D printed with FDM PPSU material.

Strong, Heat-Resistant and Sterilizable

PPSU combines strong mechanical performance with high temperature and chemical resistance for demanding applications like low-volume injection molds, under-hood automotive scenarios and heat, chemical, plasma and radiation sterilization.

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Capability for Demanding Applications

PPSU is one of the strongest FDM materials outside of our high-performance thermoplastics. It’s strong mechanical properties are complemented by its heat and chemical resistance, making it suitable for more demanding applications where higher loads and exposure to chemicals are prevalent.


a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

tensile strength

55 MPa

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

tensile modulus

2100 MPa

a fire graphic that represents heat


189 °C

a chain link graphic that represents strength

izod impact, notched

58.7 J/m


Automotive emissions filter prototype made with FDM PPSU material

Real-World Testing

PPSU Stands up to demanding functional tests

See how Parker Hannifin-Racor used PPSF to create a functional prototype of an automotive emissions filter and tested it on an operating engine.

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