a 3D printed outdoor outlet using ASA materials

Exterior outlet 3D printed in ASA UV resistant material.

Mechanical Strength, UV Stable FDM Material

Outdoor-use production parts benefit from the strength, color choice and UV resistance of ASA material. From electrical housings and brackets to sporting goods and automotive prototypes, ASA’s ease of use also make it a great choice for iterative design.

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Strong, UV Resistant Choice for Prototypes

For superior aesthetics in consistently high-quality parts, ASA provides UV stability and 10 color choices for all-purpose prototyping. The material's UV resistance makes it well-suited for end-use parts for outdoor commercial and infrastructure use. Soluble support material enables hands-free removal.


a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

tensile strength, yield

33 Mpa (XZ Axis) No yield (ZX Axis)

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

tensile modulus

2.14 GPa

a fire graphic that represents heat

HDT @ 66 psi

102 °C

a diamond graphic that represents hardness

Mechanical properties

IZOD Impact, noched = 0.81 ft*lb/in. (XZ Axis), 45 J/m (XZ Axis)


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