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— Collin Wilkerson, Western Tool & Mold


The Truth About Speed:
Is The Hare Really the Fastest?

Fast 3D Printers

Why a faster 3D printer won’t always save you time

Speed is an often misunderstood indicator of a 3D printer’s performance. Before choosing a technology based on build-time alone, download this white paper to learn about all of the factors you should consider if saving time a top priority.

Is the hare really the fastest?

The perception of speed — as a print head zips across a powder bed or a laser dances along a vat or an extrusion head methodically works its way around a part — may lead you to the wrong conclusion. When you judge a 3D printer’s speed based on the time a part spends in the build chamber you’re only considering one part of the entire process.

Understanding what’s involved from start to finish can help you understand which technologies will truly save you time.

Download this white paper to learn about the key considerations for assessing a 3D printer’s speed such as:

  • The full scope of the process, pre- and post-build
  • What’s automated and what’s not
  • Variables affecting build time
  • The effect of age on equipment and materials

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