Rapid Prototyping

How to justify the cost of an in-house 3D printer

Designers, engineers and product managers rarely question the value of rapid prototyping. Yet, in spite the clear time - and cost saving value, convincing management and accounting can be difficult. Download the white paper below to learn how to convince management.

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Make the Business Case for Rapid Prototyping

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Communicate clearly

Physical models convey ideas to collaborators, clients and marketers in ways computer models can’t. Rapid prototyping facilitates the clear, detailed feedback essential to product success, and lets designers quickly respond to input from customers and stakeholders.

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Reduce scrap and rework

Finding and fixing problems early in the design cycle is essential to preventing scrap, rework and retooling. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing allows industrial designers and engineers more revisions in less time, so they can test thoroughly while still reducing time to market.

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Test in the real world

Know exactly how your products will look and perform before investing in tooling. A wide range of 3D printing materials can produce tough, functional prototypes for highly accurate performance testing, or realistic models that look and feel like your finished products.

To convince management and accounting:

1. You must convey the value of 3D printing in objective terms.

2. You must write the business case in a style that executive management embraces and the finance department understands.

To help you improve your odds of gaining approval, this white paper offers guidelines and tips for creating a compelling business case for the acquisition of a 3D printer for prototyping purposes.


How to Justify The Cost of a
Rapid Prototyping System

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— Hiroshi Takemori, Honda Access honda logo

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