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High productivity in 3D printing, like anything else, is about how you convert your inputs to outputs. You want high quality 3D printed parts and you need a solution that will give you reliable and repeatable results, is low maintenance and easy to use – a high productivity solution. You get all this and more from the uPrint 3D printer.

What makes uPrint SE or SE Plus a better value than any other 3D printers in this category?


Best in class performance is earned. Through rigorous part quality verification – each uPrint must pass a 36 hour Part Acceptance Test before shipping. By manufacturing consistent engineering grade materials, including a proven soluble support enabling complex geometries and hands-free post-processing.


Built to the highest standards in our ISO 9001 facility, the uPrint SE and SE Plus are designed for rigorous and demanding use. Stringent testing, dedicated resources and accumulated manufacturing experience make uPrint best-in-class in reliability and accuracy.


Just saying a printer is ‘professional’ is not enough; it must offer that level of performance. The uPrint, software and materials are all optimized to work together for maximum results. GrabCAD Print software streamlines the CAD to part workflow and offers print management tools to maximize efficiency and up time. And if you ever need it, Stratasys has a worldwide network of local expert support. This is a professional 3D printer.

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