The 3D Printing Applications Challenge

Challenge Stratasys to reduce time and costs in your design and production processes.

The number of uses for 3D printing is growing by the day. Advanced prototyping, jigs & fixtures, end-of-arm tooling, composite layups, low-volume production and many more applications are being adopted by innovative companies. If you would like to adopt any of these yourself, then we can help.

Simply challenge us in any area of the design and/or production process to help you save time and money, as well as create better products.

How the challenge works

Simply complete the short form to request a session with one of our experts. We will find the best fit for your location and industry, then we will get in touch to discuss the challenge further.

If we can help, then one of our experts will work with you in order to show that 3D printing can replace or compliment your existing processes.

Not only will we show you a tangible return-on-investment, but we will also advise on the best course for you to adopt the technology.

Rutland Plastics

Watch how Rutland Plastics cut time & costs on producing jigs & fixtures using their Stratasys 3D Printer.


Watch how Synergy used 3D printing to reduce the amount of different processes involved in product development with their Stratasys J750 3D Printer.

“With our Stratasys 3D Printer, we are now able to design our tools during the day, 3D print them overnight and test them the next morning using a range of end- product materials. The resulting time and cost savings are game changers for our business.”
— Jim Sargent, Whale

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