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Scelta ecologica. Seguire le nostre istruzioni di riciclo e resi per restituire o riciclare le cartucce, le bobine, i motori di stampa e i contenitori usati. Stratasys semplifica le scelte responsabili!

a sticker with the recycling icon

Cercare questo simbolo sulla confezione Stratasys per assicurarsi che gli articoli siano riciclabili.

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Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions

  1. Select your country, then click the "Ship your Package" button. You will be redirected to an external site to complete the shipping process.


  2. Receiving address is already predefined.


  3. Packing Process

              Enter the canisters and spools (FDM only) you are returning in a box.

    1. Estimated shipping weight will be calculated for you.
    2. Maximum shipping weight is 30 KG per box. Multiple boxes you can return.
    3. Dimensions and Weight must be indicated for box/packages in millimeters.
    4. Maximum box size (610X610X610mm).
    5. This system will notify you if you exceed the weight limit. If this happens, reduce the number of units per box. Again, you can return multiple boxes with one return order.


  4. Printing Labels
    1. When all relevant fields are filled out “click” submit.
    2. A new window will pop up with the confirmation that the return order is completed.
    3. A PDF file with the shipping label are incl. in the confirmation.
    4. Regardless of this you will get an e-mail notification which incl. the shipping label as well.


  5. Place one return label on each box.


  6. For large, palletized returns of 50 or more FDM cartridges contact

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