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11 Materiale(i) trovato(i)
Origin  DM100 by BASF dental 3d printer resin
Origin DM100™ by BASF

A tailored solution for dental models.

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KeyDenture Try-In
KeyDenture Try-In™ di Keystone Industries

KeyPrint® KeyDenture Try-In™ takes the uncertainty out of the denture fifitting process. Designed for precision and effifficiency, KeyDenture Try-In is a photopolymer resin indicated for 3D printing of biocompatible, short-term trial dentures, intended for evaluation of fifit, occlusion, esthetics, and phonetics during try-in appointments.

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Key guide hard origin one dental resin
KeyGuide® di Keystone Industries

Ideal for Fabricating transparent surgical guides, allowing doctors to place implants at precise angle and depth.

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KeyMask by Keystone industries
KeyMask® di Keystone Industries

Flexible yet firm gingival mask that simulates the look and feel of gum tissue. Incorporate KeyMask into your digital restoration planning

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FotoDent® denture 385nm by Dreve
Protesi FotoDent® 385 nm di Dreve

Light-curing resin for the production of denture bases. The material provides for accurate results with an outstanding dimensional stability. FotoDent® denture is MMA-free and stable of colour.

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keysplint soft origin one dental resin
KeySplint Soft®| KeySplint Soft® Clear di Keystone Industries

Strong and flexible, ideal for printing splints, night guards and bleaching trays.

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Origin DM200™ 3d Printer Resin by Stratasys
Origin DM200™ by Stratasys

Learn how Stratasys works with leading chemical companies to co-develop innovative photopolymers in several categories to unlock end-use applications in 3D printing.

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KeyOrtho-IBT origin one dental
KeyOrtho IBT™ di Keystone Industries

KeyOrtho IBT combines the strength and precision to accurately set brackets, with the flexibility and non-stick formula needed for easy release. For Origin One Dental 3D Printer

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Origin one resin keysplint hard
KeySplint Hard® di Keystone Industries

KeySplint Hard è progettato per bite dentali rigidi. KeySplint Hard fornisce una terapia per il bruxismo e per i casi in cui è necessario immobilizzare i denti.

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KeyTray™ by Keystone Industries
KeyTray™ di Keystone Industries

KeyTray è una resina per la stampa 3D resistente e biocompatibile (Classe I), pensata per creare ferule personalizzate e individuali in modo accurato e veloce. Il materiale è robusto e in grado di resistere al carico della presa d'impronta del paziente e della rimozione del supporto dalla cavità orale. È compatibile con tutti i tipi di materiale per impronte.

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KeyCast® by Keystone Industries
KeyCast® di Keystone Industries

KeyCast’s low shrinkage formula controls thermal expansion to yield porous-free and accurate castings. KeyCast is compatible with rapid burnout and gradual temperature ramp workflows, with no residual ash. It is used with chrome, cobalt, gold, and silver.

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