Orthotics, Prosthetics
and Bionics

Improve form, fit, function
and affordability

3D printing orthotics, prosthetics and bionics directly from
CAD data enables faster, more cost-effective customization
for greater patient benefits.

Traditional customization is prohibitively expensive

Orthotics and bionics are expensive, especially when tailored to an individual's anatomy. The typical manufacturing process requires tooling with lead times and costs that prohibit customization, especially for small children who can outgrow their implements faster than they receive them.

The standard offerings are often uncomfortable or unattractive, reducing compliance and preventing patients from realizing the benefits of their use.

3D printing offers a new way to customize

By eliminating traditional manufacturing steps that make customization costly, Stratasys 3D Printing solutions can create attractive, functional and highly-personalized bionics, prosthetics and orthotics
in far less time and at a fraction of the cost.

Improve patient self-esteem and confidence with attractive, personalized designs. 3D printing makes it fast and cost-effective to tailor designs to each individual, improving clinical outcomes
and quality of life.

Take advantage of open-source philanthropy including digital design education and 3D drawings shared on Thingiverse and GrabCad by generous physicians, researchers and inventors. Stratasys
3D Printing solutions give you the tools to use what you learn — and build what you find — to
improve the lives of your patients.

Scan, design and print in a completely digital environment. Receive your 3D printed devices in
less than a week when you order from Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, or over night when you
print in-house.

Why Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions?

FDM Technology offers:

  • Sterilizable and biocompatible materials
  • Layer resolution as fine as 0.001 inches (26 microns) for great accuracy

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing:

  • Design expertise and access to our team of medical experts.

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Groups of closely related organs are 3D printed for medical students to learn.

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