3D printed models allow surgeons to practice procedures before performing them on human patients.

Medical Demonstration Models

Increase physician confidence and adoption

Demonstrate medical devices anywhere on realistic and clinically relevant anatomical models. Stratasys 3D Printing solutions offer a cost-effective way to achieve stunning detail, by combining a range of realistic tissue characteristics in a single print job.

Realistic demonstration models can be costly.

Surgeons' and physicians' work is inherently hands-on, but the tools necessary to let them experience your products aren’t always within reach. The cost of developing, manufacturing, shipping and eventually replacing a representative anatomical model can force you to compromise on the qualities that make it most relevant.

Talk isn't cheap either.

Without clinically relevant models to exemplify the benefits of your device, your sales force needs to work that much harder to gain physician confidence. Answering more objections about your products and explaining benefits in greater detail, they're doing painstaking work that a great hands-on demonstration could do faster and more effectively. That extra effort can raise customer acquisition costs and slow medical device adoption.

Make a big impact on your clients, not your budget.

Skip the expensive tooling and fabrication steps that make traditional demonstration models expensive to manufacture and impractical to customize. Multi-material 3D printing can create realistic, accurate and versatile models in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

Provide a compelling, hands-on experience. Simulate everything from soft tissue and muscles to cartilage and bone in a single print job. Include all of the necessary features to prompt meaningful conversations, as well the striking visual details that make a lasting impression.

Customize models to showcase device performance. Using real patient data, 3D print medical models that highlight the benefits and competitive advantages of your latest product. You can later adapt the same design to address a frequent question in the field, or customize a single model to satisfy the interest of a highly valued client.

Let doctors evaluate devices anywhere. 3D printed models can be designed in one place, stored digitally, and printed virtually anywhere to expedite delivery and prevent damage in transit.

Why Stratasys 3D Printing solutions?

PolyJet Technology

  • Layer resolution of 0.0006 inches (16 microns) for precise details and smooth surfaces.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

  • Design expertise and access to our team of medical experts.

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