Stratasys has partnered with key industries to define what’s next in manufacturing.

Learn how the next FDM platform will:

  • Improve quality, cost and delivery metrics in a production setting
  • Build 10x faster and with increased repeatability
  • Build parts of any height

The Infinite-Build 3D Demonstrator and Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator showcased at IMTS 2016 represent our vision for manufacturing.

8-Axis Freedom

Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator Illustration

Free from both the layer-by-layer approach of previous additive-manufacturing technologies and the labor-intensive, geometrically limiting processes of conventional composites production, the Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator enables precise, directional material placement to maximize part strength and build speed.

Strong Composites, Fast

Robotic Composite Dome

This structural dome gains strength from ribs built normal to the curved surface. The Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator works without support material, which maximizes build speed and reduces post-processing labor and lead time. The automotive and aerospace industries stand to gain from better-performing composite parts built faster.

Unlimited Size

Infinite Build 3D Demonstrator Illustration

Designed to deliver large, lightweight thermoplastic parts with repeatable mechanical properties, the Infinite-Build 3D Demonstrator turns 3D printing on its side. Parts grow horizontally out of the chamber for practically unlimited height.

Made for Industry

Aircraft Panel

Aircraft interior panels and automotive components are examples of the large, lightweight parts that could be built faster with technology showcased in the Infinite-Build 3D Demonstrator.

Step Ahead Now

Improve productivity today with proven applications that are already benefiting our customers.

Jigs & Fixtures

3D printing cuts lead times and material costs while improving performance.

Composite Tooling

Produce high temperature, cost-effective tools while gaining the freedom to customize.

Production Parts in Aerospace

When every ounce counts, 3D printing can boost fuel economy, supply-chain flexibility and production efficiency.

Injection Molding

Reduce the time and cost needed to manufacture workable prototypes in your final production material.