Realize a reduction in time and cost.

Manufacturing success can be defined by a single word: efficiency. Whatever can be done to make a manufacturing process more efficient, should be done, that's where jigs and fixtures come in. Jigs and fixtures are tools designed to make the manufacturing process faster, easier, and hopefully, more cost-effective.

The setback for jigs and fixtures is that they can be expensive to produce and implement, so expensive that may not be worth it in the long run for the business. That's where 3D printing comes in. The low cost and fast production of additive manufacturing makes the implementation of jigs and fixtures much more accessible for manufacturing businesses.

Jigs and fixtures are created to make production faster, easier, and more cost-effective, and with the high costs of traditional tooling, it seems that the manufacturing world has found its solution in 3D printing. In the next eleven pages, learn all about jigs and fixtures and how additive manufacturing is opening the door for so many businesses. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

AM for Jigs and Fixtures

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