Transforming dentistry

Digital dentistry is not the future, it’s now. Traditional methods prevent dental and orthodontic labs from meeting growing demand. By fully embracing digital dentistry, labs can grow their businesses, produce exceptional quality models, and shorten turnaround time, all without adding staff or time.

For labs that realize the value of 3D printing, the next advancement is multi-material 3D printing. A dental 3D printer with multi-material capabilities is like having three printers in one. The versatility opens your lab to multiple application offerings. It offers the ability to print a range of cases from implant models with soft tissue and custom-fit surgical guides or aligner setups and indirect bonding trays, or a variety of restoration mock-ups and more, at the same time. This simplifies work flow, reduces scheduling burden, and 3D printer management.
drive dental lab growth multi material 3d printing

Crown & bridge

Accelerate your business with end-to-end solutions

Produce precise models in high-resolution materials in a fraction of the time. 3D printing eliminates the delays and inaccuracies of manual labor, enabling faster production and higher-quality crown and bridge models with fewer remakes.

This quality capability led Iverson Dental Laboratories to embrace 3D printing. Iverson Labs cut appliance turnaround time and improved accuracy with precise, highresolution 3D printing. Precise appliances mean little to no adjustment is needed. That allows dentists to seat crowns and bridges in less than five minutes, minimizing chair time. And less chair time means dentists can see up to five more patients per day on average.

“3D printers help us maintain one of the lowest average remake (rates) in the industry,” said Cody Iverson, company president.
drive dental lab growth multi material 3d printing


It’s about more than forming a better smile.
It’s about forming a better business

Simplify the complexity of implantology by printing the model, surgical guide and soft gingival mask in different materials simultaneously on the same tray. Multi-material 3D printing is ideal for creating implant models that mimic gum textures and color.

Like many dental manufacturers, Vulcan Custom Dental is challenged with balancing workloads, optimizing production and staying competitive. By 3D printing substitutes for gypsum models, prosthetic prototypes, splints and surgical guides, Vulcan can now deliver same-day results. Its Stratasys printers reduced model production time 75% compared to competitor 3D printers.

“The Stratasys 3D printer offers substantial time savings. It only requires a few minutes of setup time and we can print as many as four high-precision jobs a day,” said Boris Simmonds, director of technology development at Vulcan.
drive dental lab growth multi material 3d printing


Formfitting solutions to get teeth, and your bottom line, aligned

Go straight from intraoral scan to in-house production with a seamless digital workflow. Cut days off delivery times and produce more accurate, comfortable and effective orthodontic appliances. Expand your lab with new service lines by offering 3D printed indirect bonding trays or producing clear aligners from 3D printed arches. Plus, digital storage allows for appliance production without needing new impressions from patients, saving on space and chair time.

“What we’ve needed is a faster printer, one that could produce on-demand and didn’t require high levels of expertise to operate. We were anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get our hands on a Stratasys J700 so we could meet customer demand,” said DynaFlex CEO Darren Buddemeyer. Because the J700 is optimized for accurate, high-output of clear aligners, Dynaflex can produce 40-60 arches per print tray and more than 400 arches per day on a single J700.
drive dental lab growth multi material 3d printing


The speed, precision, and customization to outperform traditional dentistry

Mainstream the manufacturing process of cast chrome partials with automation that cuts down on labor. Predictable and repeatable results reduce patient visits and resets with precise frameworks, denture and partial try-ins produced in less time in smooth, biocompatible materials.

Adapting to a shortage of skilled labor, Biogenic Dental Corporation adopted 3D printing for cast partial frame patterns to replace traditional hand wax-ups. By switching to Stratasys printers, they realized a 50% increase in output in half the time, allowing Biogenic to redeploy workers to other duties.

Digitize the entire workflow by 3D printing multiple parts in multiple materials for different applications at the same time. Increase your productivity by eliminating many production steps and create unrivaled dental models and appliances leading to faster turnaround times and fewer remakes. The added capabilities of Stratasys dental solutions help labs expand into new areas of business.

Solutions Value
The Objet30 Dental Prime™
  • 3 dental materials including bicompatible MED610™ for C&B models, RPD patterns, wax-ups, surgical guides and orthodontic arches
  • Automated production for hands-off streamlined workflow
  • 3 print modes – high quality, high speed, draft mode – for operational versatility
  • Office-friendly, compact size
Objet260 Dental™
  • Multi-material printing: 3 materials at once
  • Produce orthodontic models, implant models with gingival masks, crown and bridge models, surgical guides, partial denture framework patterns and veneers and denture try-ins
  • Biocompatible materials
The Objet260 and Objet500 Dental Selection™
  • Fine-resolution for high accuracy
  • Able to mix materials digitally for additional applications like IBTs
  • 3D print rigid and gum-like features
  • Wide range of colors for realistic tooth and gum shades
  • Biocompatible materials
The Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage™
  • Print at twice the speed of competitor entry level printers
  • Single-material printer for high-productivity labs
  • Fine-resolution for high accuracy
  • Produce 3D models, surgical guides, veneers and denture try-ins
  • Biocompatible materials
The Stratasys J700 Dental™
  • Optimized for clear aligner production
  • Ease of use and setup; qualify for production in a matter of days
  • 50-60 arches per tray, 400+ arches per day

The Stratasys difference:

  • Professional-grade printers deliver unmatched quality, reliability, and productivity.
  • Multi-material models enable better clinical outcomes due to realism and versatility to support a range of cases on the same production run.
  • Fast time-to-part that requires less labor, post-processing, and handling.
  • System reliability, model repeatability.

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