Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

In the video below, Jeremy Hui, our Senior Applications Engineer for the RP Solutions Business Unit, walks us through some of the great 3D printed rapid prototyping examples in action at the Stratasys booth at this year’s Paris Air Show.

custom aircraft armrest A customized armrest prototype printed using the Stratasys J750.

Utilizing the full color, multi-material capabilities of the J750 3D Printer and the tough, functional FDM materials of the Fortus Production Series, aerospace designers and engineers can really explore the horizons in custom interior design and engineering.

In these examples, 3D printing is used to rapidly iterate through design concepts and then accurately simulate the final aesthetic characteristics of custom fixtures and fittings such as seat arm rests, interactive entertainment systems, video displays, and remote consoles. Utilizing a mix of Stratasys’ rapid prototyping technology - both PolyJet and FDM, visitors at the booth were able to experience, not just the true look and feel of these designs, but also their integrated functional performance within the overall aircraft environment like never before.