Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

ST_Tools-without-tooling_final (1)If you’re looking to improve manufacturing productivity, efficiency and quality, this webinar is for you.  With additive manufacturing, jigs & fixtures, patterns and other assembly tools can be produced in just hours for a fraction of the cost of CNC produced tools.  Stratasys FDM and PolyJet 3D printing technologies are ideal for jigs and fixtures, combining the accuracy and durability required for a wide variety of applications.

3d printed drilling fixture Stratasys 3D printed drilling fixture produced using FDM 3D printing technology

This Stratasys webinar will teach you the “Who, What, Where, When and Why” of producing jigs & fixtures using additive manufacturing. We’ll cover the many places 3D printed jigs & fixtures can benefit your production floor - from assembly aids, holding fixtures, and nesting fixtures to CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines), assembly line pallets, check gauges and inventory part holders. Even the International Space Station uses a Stratasys 3D printed material toolbox to hold astronauts' tools!

3d printed mounting fixture Stratasys 3D printed mounting fixtures in use at Oreck Manufacturing

And the benefits are as countless as the applications. Like producing your own tools in house to eliminate  shipping time, achieving perfect ergonomic lightweight designs, on-demand production with close to zero inventory, and exponentially more economical tool production costs.

Hosted by Rob Winker, Supervisor, FDM Application Engineering at Stratasys, the webinar features real customer examples to illustrate the advantages of 3D printed jigs & fixtures, including Oreck, BMW and Lockheed Martin.

Please click here to register for the Stratasys “5 W’s of 3D Printing Your Own Jigs & Fixtures” webinar.