Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

urbee, 3d printing, stratasys The URBEE CAR of Kor EcoLogic; features 40 large, intricate 3D printed parts

masters, munn, 3d printing Masters and Munn displaying their 3D Printshow Award for Rising Star, at the world premiere of ‘Icarus Had a Sister’

London was the center of the 3D printing world last week as over 12,000 technology providers, designers, manufacturers, business people, students and aficionados from all over the world gathered to explore the industry’s latest innovations.

Models and products created with Stratasys 3D Printers were there in force, representing a wide variety of fields and applications:

  • The role of 3D printing in fashion is becoming more prominent by the season; in London, 3D printed shoes designed by Reem D. Koolhaas and Iris van Herpen were featured and the ibag 3D printed purse designed by Catherine Andreozzi made the catwalk at the live fashion show.

  • A master of 3D printed costumes, props and special effects, Jason Lopes, Lead Systems Engineer of Legacy Effects presented a lecture and addressed his work on films including Iron Man and Pacific Rim.

  • avatar-jason-lopes-3d-printing 3D printed accessories for Avatar models created by Jason Lopes, Lead Systems Engineer at Legacy Effects

    Jim Kor, president of Kor EcoLogic and the designer of the hyper-efficient, 3D printed URBEE brought the car itself and took it for a spin around the exhibit hall.

  • Stratasys was also featured in the art gallery at the 3D Printshow, including a piece by French sculptor Dann Chetrit and the world premiere of “Icarus had a Sister” by Masters and Munn, featuring fine-detailed 3D printed feathers created with PolyJet technology (with help from IPF.)

3d printing, education Shelly Linor, Director of Global Education, Stratasys, conferring with British enthusiast following her presentation

Stratasys staff and customers also participated in several key presentations throughout the three day event. Ilan Levin, Member of the Board at Stratasys, presented at the Elite Business Conference, covering the numerous benefits Stratasys 3D printing offers to a wide range of manufacturing applications, from prosthetics to everyday consumer goods.  Another keynote, “Stratasys: 3D Printing Technologies, from Production, Design to Manufacturing,” featured  Tim Heller, VP Global Channel Development, Stratasys, who noted that the success of 3D printing lay in leveraging its unique capabilities for manufacturing. The Stratasys presentations concluded with Dr. Ashley Hall from the Royal College of Art, who, with Shelly Linor, Director of Global Education, Stratasys, challenged an audience of 500 students and educators to “Think in 3D.”

See more in our video summary of the event below. The London 3D Printshow was so successful that the entire operation is moving to the Continent. Next stop, Paris! See you this weekend!