Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

The claw in these photos is a replica from the Creature from the Black Lagoon for Factory Entertainment, a collectibles company. The incredible detail on this 16” long life-sized fossilized hand of the Creature was sculpted by artist Tyler Ham and brought to us by Moddler, a premier 3D printing company located in San Francisco and the proud owners of an Objet 3D printer. Check out their incredible portfolio of 3D printed models.

The 3D CAD of the model was first divided into parts to maximize the surface quality during the 3D print stage and then used as a pattern for molding of the final part.

Happy Halloween - and to all our American friends on the East Coast, hoping you are all well and safe after the storm.

claw 3D CAD image

3D CAD Image of the Claw – Prior to 3D Printing

3D printed claw

claw back