Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

Over at the research department of Disney, they're bringing to life a whole new future for interactive devices using 3D printing, with a little help from Objet's VeroClear transparent material!

3D printed bulbs

3D Printed Bulbs Created in Objet Clear Transparent Material

They envision a future where interactive devices including the incredible 3D printed optics in this video  – are 3D printed rather than assembled. Why? Because only 3D printing allows designers to rapidly produce new prototypes, test them, and eventually produce customized products tailored to the demands of individuals or the needs of specific jobs.

Custom-made optical elements have traditionally been a tough nut to crack due to the high cost and the unique precision requirements involved. Not any more: Using Objet’s clear transparent 3D printing material (VeroClear), Disney Research are able to rapidly prototype a glass-like material known as PMMA or plexiglas™.

Also – notice how some of these 3D printed parts have hollow air bubbles inside (!) -  a  very neat trick that gets around the need to support the overhanging geometries with support material.

To read more about this fantastic project check out their white paper here.

3D printed bulbs Selection of Customized 3D Printed Optics - Created on an Objet Eden 3D Printer