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Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

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What Is Direct Metal Laser Sintering?

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a direct metal laser melting (DMLM) or laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) technology that accurately forms complex geometries not possible with other metal manufacturing methods.

DMLS Part Strength

DMLS parts are stronger and denser than investment casted metal parts, and they can help you get to market first with faster turnaround times.

Metal 3D printing is an ideal process for complex oil and gas components, custom medical guides, part-consolidated aerospace parts and tough functional prototypes.

Streamlined Metal Parts with DMLS


Utilize the design freedom of DMLS and produce accurate metal components in less time than other manufacturing methods.


How Does Direct Metal Laser Sintering Work?

DMLS uses a precise, high-wattage laser to micro-weld powdered metals and alloys to form fully functional metal components from your CAD model.

DMLS parts are made with powdered materials like aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, as well as niche alloys like MONEL® K500 and Nickel Alloy 718.

Finishing DMLS Parts

Raw DMLS parts have a surface finish comparable to a fine investment casting part, and expert finishing services are sometimes needed.

Stratasys Direct offers a full suite of professional finishing operations, including precision machining, media blasting, surface grinders and milling.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering Quality Controls

To maintain critical quality control standards, we use a range of tools to inspect and ensure customer specifications. With international certification standards ISO 9001 and AS9100, we have stringent systems in place to guarantee quality and consistently are met.

We utilize tools like coordinate measuring machines, probes, cutup metallography processes and flow benches, hydrostatic pressure testing machines to guarantee quality is consistently met. DMLS materials build fully dense, corrosive resistant and highly robust metal parts that can be further treated through heat, coating and sterilization.

DMLM Products


  • The fastest way to manufacture with DMLM technology
  • Produce geometries with high-strength metal alloys in one fluid build
  • Hand-finishing with media blast
  • Manufacture in Stainless Steel 316L or 17-4, Aluminum (AlSi10Mg), Cobalt Chrome, Nickel Alloy 625, and Titanium (Ti64)

A.M.P. Specification

  • No spec? No problem! Our Additive Metal Process Spec provides production metal parts with DMLM technology

Customer Specification

  • Adhering to customer-provided statement of work and process, material, and/or machine specifications. The ultimate level of control for your project and product

DMLM Discover

We’re ready to take on any challenge and push the boundaries of what’s possible with DMLM Discover – our custom solution for new and novel additive alloys and designs.

  • Access materials in the early stages of development for DMLM
  • Test custom manufacturing parameters for your project


Materials for 3D Printing Parts with DMLS

SDM Material.png

Stainless Steel 17-4 PH (As Built)

SS17-4PH is characterized by excellent weld-ability, good corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties

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SDM Material.png

Stainless Steel 316L (As Built)

SS316L is characterized by very good weld-ability, corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties including excellent ductility. 

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SDM Material.png

Nickel Alloy 718 (As Built)

High strength nickel base superalloy

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SDM Material.png

Nickel Alloy K500 (As Built)

Age-hardenable Nickel-Copper alloy

Learn more
SDM Material.png

Cobalt Chrome CoCrMo (As Built)

Metal alloy of cobalt and chromium

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Metal 3D Printing Applications of DMLS

Direct Metal Laser Sintering Production Parts.jpg


Produce low-volume production metals parts with DMLS.

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Direct Metal Laser Sintering Functional Prototyping.jpg

Functional Prototyping

Build tough and hardworking metal prototypes to test components in real-world applications.

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Direct Metal Laser Sintering Thermal Control Systems.jpg

Thermal Control Systems

Advance your thermal management capabilities with complex heat exchangers and heat pipes manufactured with DMLS.


DMLS - Quality.jpg

DMLS Parts from 3D Printing Pioneers

 Making a quality 3D printed part takes more than just a machine. It takes a responsive team behind the technology, running tests and working tirelessly to validate materials and processes.

At Stratasys Direct, our services are backed by more than the largest fleet of machines in North America; we have nearly thirty years in the industry and a team of engineers ready to assist with every step of your project.

DMLS Expertise You Can Trust

Years of experience with DMLS has led us to develop proprietary build styles, post-processing methods, and even led us into material development exploration.

Whatever your project need, we won’t rest until your requirements are met.


General questions? Engineering questions? Need help with your design?

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Frequently Asked Questions About DMLS

 Are DMLS parts as strong as traditionally manufactured metal components?

Yes. The parts created with DMLS have mechanical properties equivalent to a cast metal part. Detailed information can be found on the DMLS materials page.

What is the porosity of DMLS parts?

DMLS parts can reach a 99.5% density. In fact, 3D printed metals are above industry standards for density testing.

What level of detail can be obtained with DMLS?

DMLS is available in several resolutions. At its highest resolution, the layer thickness is 0.0008” – 0.0015” Z and the X/Y resolution is 0.012” – 0.016”.

The minimum hole diameter is 0.035” – 0.045”. Read the DMLS design guidelines to learn more.


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