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USA & Canada
USA & Canada

AM Metal Production

On-Demand Webinar

Date: Thursday, June 06, 2019
Time: 02:30 PM CDT


3D Printing Metal Production Done Right

Additive metal is expanding the limits of what’s possible in metal manufacturing, but there are challenges inherent to the technology. Since 2012, Stratasys Direct has grown into an 18-system facility with dedicated experts striving to perfect additive metal manufacturing.

In this webinar, DMLM Product Manager Eric Mutchler speaks to the benefits of utilizing additive metal systems, the challenges that still arise in production, and the solutions Stratasys Direct has arrived at for successful products.

In this webinar DMLM Product Manager Eric Mutchler speaks to:

  • The benefits of additive metals for production
  • Challenges facing DMLM adoption
  • How to achieve quality and repeatability
  • Case studies highlighting additive metals in use today

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