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USA & Canada
USA & Canada

CompositeCast with AFP3100FR

Urethane Casting
A glass composite sheet filled version of our most widely used urethane for production applications with a UL 94 V-0 flammability listing at .1” thickness. RoHS 2 / REACH SVHC Compliant. Parts exhibit enhanced flexural and impact properties.

Key features

  • Fast processing of parts and panels without hard tooling
  • When compared to QuantumCast, AFP3100FR used in CompositeCast experiences 163% gain in Izod Impact Strength
  • Composite-like performance (i.e., high flex modulus, high impact strength)
  • Tough and stiff cast parts


  • Medical device covers
  • Consumer electronic applications
  • Aerospace panels
  • Thin-walled cosmetic covers
  • Parts requiring high-impact strength

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