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Nickel Alloy K500

Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM)
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Nickel Alloy K500 is a nickel-copper alloy with small percentages of titanium and aluminum that can be precipitation hardened. It’s a tested liquid rocket engine (LRE) material, valued by aerospace companies for its oxygen compatibility at high pressures. Components built with Nickel Alloy K500 can be found in sub scale hardware, heat sink chamber spools, nozzle spools, oil pipelines and manifolds on rocket engines.

Key features

  • Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Compatible
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ti, Al precipitates create high strength


  • Liquid Rocket Engine Components
  • LOX Manifolds and Injectors
  • Parts requiring ductility and high strength
  • Parts requiring high corrosion resistance

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