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In a changing manufacturing landscape, we’ve seen the greatest value of our technologies come from components that marry both additive and traditional methods of production.

Although 3D-printing has entered the production arena, your project may need to utilize injection molding as the next step in the manufacturing process, and Stratasys Direct is here to help. The tried-and-true method of injection molding is utilized as a means to produce large volumes of production components, creating cost-effective parts at higher quantities using a wider breadth of material options. 

Stratasys Direct can help you in the design stage, the prototyping stage, as well as the production stage, whether it is 3D-printed or injection molded, our team will guide you through the process. 


injection molding materials

Injection Molding

Our fast tooling methods deliver high quantities of repeatable, injection molded parts to your team. With near-unlimited material choices, injection molding remains a reliable choice for fabrication.

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