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Investment Casting Patterns

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Investment Casting Patterns

Get Accuracy and Repeatability with 3D Printing

Tool-less patterns made with 3D printing open opportunities to increase foundry business by making investment casting more viable for customers. An alternative to wax and wood, patterns made with Stereolithography technology significantly reduce lead times and eliminate high tooling costs.

With excellent pattern accuracy and repeatability at less expense than conventional methods, 3D printed patterns translate to higher yields during casting. Additionally, design changes can be easily incorporated into production, and gating systems can be proven prior to production tooling being built. Our print method results in patterns 25% lighter than conventional patterns, translating to proportionately less ash and minimized CTE forces during flash firing.


Benefits of 3D Printed Investment Casting Patterns

Pattern Assurance


Our sophisticated leak testing process ensures every pattern we produce is guaranteed to have a perfect, airtight seal.


Optimal Low Cost Build Style


Achieve higher yields and lower operating costs from more durable patterns made with specially formulated materials developed for perfect burn out.


Large Parts Done Right


Our more than twenty years experience working with foundries has led us to develop excellent processes for large-scale projects, including expert bonding and large part packaging.

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