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USA & Canada
Stratasys OpenAM™ Software

Unlock your printer’s full potential with open 3D printing.

Stratasys OpenAM™ Software

OpenAM software lets you access your printer’s key operational settings so you can custom-tune materials and printed part capabilities. With OpenAM software, you can alter the characteristics of Stratasys and third-party materials, develop your own proprietary formulations, and open up new applications.


Open Materials Ecosystem


OpenAM™ Designed to Accelerate Innovation

Available for the Fortus 450mc and Origin One 3D printers, OpenAM software offers multiple features you can use to innovate new materials and explore new use cases.

Expanding Value for Stratasys Customers and Partners

  • Provides advanced tools to push the boundaries of existing materials and research what’s possible with new polymers
  • Promotes additional material sources and broader availability, eliminating the constraints of single-sourcing and extended material development cycles
Stratasys - FDM 3D Printer - Fortus 450mc.

Unlock your Fortus 450mc FDM 3D Printer with OpenAM Software

  • Editable print parameters that include liquefier temperature, oven temperature, bead mode options, and much more
  • Feature-based tuning for quick adjustment of desired part characteristics by feature
  • Material class defaults and safe parameter ranges to reduce costly failures and lost time
  • Helpful tuning tips paired with the Stratasys FDM tuning guide to ensure repeatable success
Stratasys - P3 3D Printer - Origin One.

Benefits of OpenAM on the Origin One 3D Printer


  • Adjustable print parameters that include UV exposure, temperature, movement parameters, scaling, and more, for ultimate print control
  • Ability to create material profiles – predefined print settings – adding efficiency and consistency for specific print outcomes
  • Access to Origin One open material library containing additional materials validated by our material partners to unlock different applications