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j720 Dental updates.

J720 Dental 3D printer enhancements.

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Jessica Coughlin November 03, 2020
November 03, 2020
The J720 Dental Printer has helped many dental practices maximize productivity and increase patient satisfaction. Advanced dental materials and multimaterial capabilities help to create detailed and accurate models with just one print job. Now, the J720 offers even better performance with a new material offering and time-saving software upgrades.

In addition to biocompatible materials MED 610™ and MED 620™, the J720 now offers MED625FLX. This biocompatible material provides flexible and translucent properties, and is certified for temporary in-mouth placement. In orthodontics, MED625FLX enables printing indirect bonding trays, which eliminates the time-consuming step of placing brackets one by one. In implant cases, MED625FLX enables printing of biocompatible mixed trays. Gain the capability to print an implant model using MED620, a biocompatible surgical guide using MED610 and a gingival mask using MED625FLX – all on a single tray.

Enhancements to the J720 also include Automatic Tray Arrangement. Available in GrabCAD Print™, the user can optimize the tray arrangement in just minutes. This allows you to maximize the number of parts on the tray and minimize printing time, without using expensive third-party software or investing labor in tray arrangement.

There’s no need for multiple dental printers when one system has the versatility to support all your modeling needs. The J720 saves you time, provides incredible accuracy, and helps you keep patients happy. Visit the J720 page on to learn more.