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Electrical Connector Sample Request

High heat, flame retardant connectors

This two-part electrical connector is well suited for many demanding applications. The LOCTITE 3955 material is a flame-retardant and has received a UL94-V0 rating. ASTM E595 outgas testing was completed and 3955 met the highest standard for safety. A heat deflection temperature of over 300°C helps parts keep their structural integrity in high-temperature environments.

The Origin One platform provides high-speed 3D printing capability that shortens development cycles and opens the door to flexible production capability. The Origin One platform reduces barriers to production and provides accurate, functional parts for complex applications across the transportation industries.

Fill out the form to request your free sample of a connector insert printed on the Origin One. We’ll let you know when you’ll receive it.

Origin One 3955 Electrical Connector