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Take Higher Ed to the Next Level

College and universities with 3D printing technology can prepare students for a workforce that demands sharp critical thinking and collaboration skills. The right technology attracts not only bright students, but also talented faculty and valuable industry partners, leading to valuable business partnerships that can give undergrads vital real-world experience.

  • Darlene Farris-LaBar

    Associate Professor of Art 
    East Stroudsburg University

  • Daniel Freedman

    Dean, School of Science & Engineering 
    SUNY New Paltz

  • Malcolm Cooke

    Professor of Engineering
    Case Western Reserve

  • Jerry Grech

    Lab Coordinator
    York University

"All sorts of things are possible now. Design thinking, problem solving, practical applications, these are things our students are able to achieve right here in our lab. Students now have open doors...from medical to product to graphic design, it's really unlimited."

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“Finding these solutions is an iterative process that helps our students gain skills and has a real impact on the community around us. That’s something students can see and learn from.”

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“The printers have helped us broaden the scope of projects coming through our center and provided much-added value for students as they develop their prototypes.”

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4 students at a white board

“With 3D printing, [students] can make whatever they want…there are no holds barred. Whatever they can think, they can come down here and create.”

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State University of New York at New Paltz Student

Focus on Learning, Not Logistics

Stratasys education packages make purchasing 3D printers for your school more viable and affordable. They include resource materials and support for your 3D printers.

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Empowering the Educators

Educators are essential to learning, and even more so in the world of 3D printing. Stratasys’ Education Innovation Series provides use cases, how-to guides and more to keep inspiration going.

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Partners You Can Rely On

Stratasys resellers are available to help you bring 3D printing into your classroom. They partner with you to offer the right solution for your school or lab.

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3D Printing Resources

Free and 3D: A Semester Curriculum

Free to educators and students, this semester’s worth of in-depth lectures and class discussions provides students with hands-on training to get immersed in the what, why and how of 3D printing. By the end of the course, they’ll be able to produce a fully functioning moving part in a single print.

What’s Possible with Partnerships

Giving students real-world projects and problems to solve is one of the most effective ways to prepare students for the working world they’re looking to join. Learn how you can build up students’ in-demand career skills by creating partnerships with local businesses.

Hands-On Learning

Combine high-demand STEM skills with theoretical knowledge to prepare students for today’s fastest-growing careers. Help students transform brilliant ideas into tangible objects, providing real-world experience in product design development.

Turn Students into Inquisitive Creators

Nurture creativity, intellectual curiosity and career readiness with professional, industry-grade 3D printers. Students can bring their designs to life quickly, creating objects that model their innovations with accuracy, fine details and moving parts.

Enter 3D Printing Challenges

Get students involved in 3D printing challenges. Build excitement and momentum around solving real-world design challenges giving students the chance to explore ideas, analyze problems and develop the persistence needed to excel in today’s fastest-growing fields.

Shaping the Talent of Tomorrow

3D printing is a cornerstone of innovation across every industry. As additive technology expands, leaders in top industries depend on it for competitive growth and need a tech-centric workforce prepared to meet changing requirements.

Learn how to open the doorway to industry for students and prepare them for success in today’s global economy.

A woman holding a model of a 3D printed heart
Multi-Material, Multi-Color

Explore diverse applications for full-color, multi-material 3D printing in education. Inspire unprecedented levels of multi-disciplinary collaboration between academic programs on college campuses.

Faculty, students, researchers and innovators draw on the technology in natural and physical sciences, mathematics, fine arts, filmography and business curricula.