FDM 3D Printed Assembly Fixtures

FDM assembly fixtures streamline production because they’re faster to make and easier to handle than heavier, metal tools. They can be easily optimized for the specific task and the user’s capabilities. Rugged FDM thermoplastics provide the durability while keeping the weight down.

Speed Production

Streamline production by making new assembly fixtures in hours instead of weeks. 3D printing lets you iterate quickly to optimize your tool’s design. FDM technology includes a broad range of strong thermoplastics so you can choose the right material for the job.

Optimize the Ergonomics

Create tools that are easier to work with to increase task efficiency and comfort. Strong but lightweight materials reduce tool weight, making them easier to lift and maneuver.

Lower the Cost

Avoid production delays when existing fixtures break by quickly printing new ones on-demand. 3D printing also avoids the material and lead time costs of machined tooling.

Oreck Corporation experienced these reults:

 Infographic assembly fixtures

Get a sample of our FDM Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber material.

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