Aaron Pearson
Vice President Public Relations

This has to be one of the biggest (and most novel) innovations that 3D printing has to offer the world of traditional manufacturing - the ability to 3D print injection mold tools for short run injection molding.

In the video example above, we show our mold tools 3D printed in Digital ABS material (formerly known as ABS-like Digital Material). These mold tools (6 cavity, for ice-cream spoons) are then injected with real polypropylene at 220 degrees C.

The Digital ABS molds were used here for over 100 injection shots, producing a total of 600 spoons - and all with no visible deformation to the tools!

The ROI calculation presented at the end of this film is a real price comparison between this 3D printed example and two traditional CNC mold tool manufacturers (created in aluminum or steel) in South America. I think it is safe to assume the cost benefit ratio remains similar also for North America, Europe or the Far East.

Many thanks to Nadav Sella, our Application Sales Manager - who filmed this very instructive video!