Aaron Pearson
Vice President Public Relations

This week's conceptual challenge was to see if we could 3D print a rose for Valentine's Day, which is today just in case anyone forgot!

So here's the results - two roses, each 3D printed and then dyed. First off we printed in our Objet VeroClear rigid transparent 3D printing material. As you can see from the photos - the delicacy of the petals is nicely represented through to completion of the final 3D model.

Next we decided to try the same rose, but this time printed in Objet TangoPlus - which is a much more flexible transparent 3D printing material. The added benefit of this material was that it actually felt very 'real' to the touch as well.

Many thanks to TurboSquid artist ms_dessi for the amazing rose design!

Rose 1 - Printed in Transparent Rigid Material (Objet VeroClear)

Rose 2 - Printed in Transparent Rubber-like Material (Objet TangoPlus)

Rose in Transparent Rubber-like Material (Objet TangoPlus) as it looks after a clean up from the 3D Printer: