Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations
Stratasys is responding to the current global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The following outlines several key initiatives currently underway, in collaboration with government officials, customers, partners, and the medical community. Also below, we’ve included a way to contact us to request assistance and to offer resources such as 3D printing capacity.
Stratasys 3D Printed Medical Face Shield

3D printing protective shields.

There is a dire shortage of shields across the U.S. and around the world to protect our medical community, law enforcement professionals and others. Stratasys is rapidly scaling its efforts to print both re-usable and disposable face shields on dozens of FDM 3D printers located in Texas, California, and Minnesota. These shields have FDM 3D printed frames, with clear, full-face plastic shielding. Our goal is to deliver an initial 5,000 shields to critical need locations over the next week. We know this is only a start. We are currently working to ensure an adequate supply of clear plastic material and FDM 3D printer capacity to hit these initial targets.

Supporting other critical needs.

We also are aware of the shortage of masks, as illustrated by the recent call by the president of Massachusetts General Hospital to have 3D printers go to work creating as many of them as possible. We are exploring optimal solutions as well as working to source filtration materials.

We also are supporting the CoVent-19 Challenge, which is an open innovation effort hosted by residents from Massachusetts General Hospital. The goal of the challenge is to design a rapidly deployable mechanical ventilator for this and future pandemics. More information about the project and our involvement will be forthcoming over the next week.


Do you:

  • Run a 3D printing shop or service bureau with capacity to help 3D print critical supplies or prototypes?
  • Need to request shipments of easily assembled protective shields?
  • Require 3D printing services for critical prototypes, jigs and fixtures or end-use parts?
  • Have other pandemic-related needs?

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